Shakespeare Sonnet 18 Rewrite

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Your eyes are nothing short of bright But cast your love to me and speak my way Embrace the day and kiss the summer’s night… Continue reading

The Serpent

Slithering, sleek It creepeth on me It flickers its tongue flames caressing my cheek He hisses “Are you afraid of me?” Do not answer Shall not spit back For the snake will attack… Continue reading

The Thud

By Marciano Pangilinan   Pepper flakes. Spicy, not too spicy. Salt. Salty, not too spicy. Drip like a leaking faucet. Slowly, not too slowly. They drip. They drip. They drip on the sizzling… Continue reading


By Marciano Pangilinan   I was cheated, cheated as a cheat cheated as a cheater cheated from the goal of man to meet the man – not – man I was Cheated cheated because… Continue reading

Survey for the day

What is the one motto you live by? Mike SJ Yoon – Second place is the first to lose. Kyra Rocco – GTA V must die. Rosanne Barcinas – Just do it… No… Continue reading

College Guidance

College Guidance The FAFSA Ready or not here comes February. Colleges and Universities in the United States have set their deadlines for financial aid document submission this month. The task of filling out… Continue reading

Frozen: The Bad

WARNING: SPOILERS  Disney’s Frozen is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, follows two sisters: Ana- the youngest of the pair, and Elsa- who through untold and unexplained means possesses snow-based abilities.… Continue reading

Frozen: The Good

Frozen teaches us about sisterhood, bravery, and taking chances  “Frozen” is one of Disney’s latest musical movies that you’ve probably been hearing about everywhere, and fortunately, many of us have gotten the chance to… Continue reading

Anime Club

STA Anime Club hosts ‘Kokoro Café’ in March What is an Otaku? An Otaku is a young individual who takes pride in obsessing over anime, manga, and all things concerning the two. The… Continue reading

Artist of the month

Shakey Graves- Late July Artist of the Month Shakey Graves Alejandro Rose-Garcia, most notably known as Shakey Graves is an Austin singer and songwriter. He started pursuing music in 2008, playing in clubs… Continue reading