Artist of the month

Shakey Graves- Late July

Artist of the Month
Shakey Graves

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, most notably known as Shakey Graves is an Austin singer and songwriter. He started pursuing music in 2008, playing in clubs or in open mic nights. It would take a while for his music to take off, since he would often be dismissed or ignored by crowds. He then decided to start practicing more often and perfecting his craft to the quality it is today. This created a shift in his reception and helped him garner a wider following that transformed his image from another unknown artist to an artist that attracted more crowds than the headliners he was opening for in clubs. There are a few quirks that are distinctive to this Texan thatcontributes to his style. One of these quirks is the way that he plays his music as a

one man band.His rig consists of a suitcase that is fitted with a kick drum, tambourine, and bass 

drum pedals that makes up the backbone of the songs that he plays. It complements beautifully with his masterful picking styles and gritty voice that create an aura of dirty blues and folk that quiet audiences everywhere he plays. Another fascinating quirk is how he varies the music that he plays. He tinkers around with how he can present his sound which creates a unique quality that makes no song sound the same played twice. For example, he plays with the tempo of the song on a dime seamlessly that transforms a song from quiet and trance-inducing to loud and raucous 

without taking you out of the song. He also changes the tuning of his songs quite often that, at some occasions, create some songs that sound unusual at a first listen, and then turn into a song that you would put on repeat all day just by a change of tuning. Overall, this artist should be one to check out for his gritty twist on country and blues. No matter what genre you favor, there is something that everyone can enjoy.

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